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We are a holistic wellness gym empowering you with personalised strength training and practical wellness techniques. Our goal is to help you manage and overcome ongoing pain, persistent aches, and injuries, enabling you to feel strong, capable, and vibrant in your everyday life.

Close-up of hex dumbbells at Unity Health & Performance gym

Relieve Your Concerns, Restore Your Confidence

Empowering You to Move Freely and Live Pain-Free

At Unity Health & Performance, we believe in your potential to live a vibrant, active life. Our personalised strength training programs are designed to keep you active and pain-free.


Our approach is personalised to your individual needs, helping you confidently enjoy your favourite activities. We focus on sustainable, long-term health improvements rather than temporary fixes, empowering you to achieve a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Key Benefits of Our Approach


Reduce Chronic Pain

Our personalised programs address the root causes of ongoing pain, empowering you to enjoy lasting relief and a higher quality of life.


Holistic Wellness

We integrate physical fitness, nutritional guidance, and mental well-being to support your comprehensive health journey.


Enhance Mobility and Strength

Our customised strength training programs boost your mobility, flexibility, and overall strength, making daily activities easier and more enjoyable.


Stress Management

Discover practical techniques to manage stress, improve mental clarity, and maintain emotional balance in your daily life.

Harry, an Active Life Professional, conducting a training session with a client
Jess, an Osteopath, assisting a woman with a personalised movement assessment.

Our Bespoke 1:1 Coaching Service

Experience the expertise of Active Life Professionals at the only gym in Essex offering this unparalleled level of care. Transform your health with our personalised 1:1 training programs. Our expert coaches provide one-on-one guidance, ensuring your workouts are both safe and effective.


Whether you aim to reduce chronic pain, improve your mobility, or strengthen your body to handle life’s challenges better, our personalised sessions are designed to help you achieve lasting health and independence.

What Our Clients Say


Additional Services

Osteopathy session with a close-up of therapist's gloved hand on client's back

Osteopathy & Sports Massage

Enhance your recovery and manage pain with our osteopathy and sports massage services, focused on injury rehabilitation and physical well-being.

Close-up of specialised gym equipment at Unity Health & Performance, featuring rings and lifting bars for strength training

Small Group Training

Upon completing our personal training program, you can transition to our small group training sessions. Experience the benefits of small group workouts with individual attention and the added motivation of community support.

Virtual training session showing a client receiving remote coaching via a laptop

Remote Coaching

Seeking virtual support? Our remote coaching offers the same personalised plans and expert guidance as our in-person sessions, all from the comfort of your home. Benefit from flexibility and convenience with ongoing trainer support tailored to your needs.

Book Your Free Connection Call

Ready to start your journey to pain-free living? Schedule your free connection call today, and let’s discuss how our personalised programs can help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

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